How One U.K. Rehab Approach Is Transforming Lives

Dozens of rehab centers have opened in the U.K. in response to a growing substance abuse crisis. It is a problem that has taken the lives of many citizens and severely impacted even more. Unfortunately, the majority of drug and alcohol recovery programs provide only short-term success.

Virtually every day at least one media source contains an article dealing with the industry’s high failure rates. That is why rehab centres like ARC use a unique approach designed to restore patients’ well-being and sense of purpose. Based on scientific principles, treatments address patients’ mental, physical, and emotional issues and help them transform their lives.

The Focus Is On Creating New Lives

One of the reasons many rehab programs fail is that they are primarily focused on “fixing” clients. Many of their philosophies use ideas that are nearly a century old and often based on religious principles. Successful programs are based on science. Successful rehab programs address the underlying problems that cause individuals to become addicts. Using a positive, life-affirming approach, they help clients set and reach goals that allow them to create the lives they want.

Effective Therapies Rewire Thinking

A successful substance abuse treatment does more than just detox clients and then give them a 12-step program to follow. The programs also address the underlying issues that drive people to addiction in the first place. Staff members understand that entrenched behavior is the result of repetitive thoughts that are often rooted in feelings of loneliness or a sense of being stressed out. Science-based programs work to rewire clients’ thinking processes. Treatments include cognitive behavioural and relational therapies as well as transnational analysis.

Physical Exercise Improves Results

Scientifically based rehab also includes an emphasis on physical wellness, which is crucial in building healthy lives. Clients in rehab centres go to the gym weekly, which stimulates feel-good brain chemicals. Working out helps them sleep and reduces many health risks. They also build confidence and develop a sense of well-being.

A U.K. rehab program based on scientific principles is succeeding where many others fail. It addresses clients’ mental, physical, and emotional needs, which allows the programs and patients to identify and correct destructive thought patterns.